A vanity case

Well, as it turned out, good old conservative pundit William Safire decided to retire from his columnist job in the New York Times. Leaving in style is certainly something that old age doesn't make easier, and he was no exception. He couldn't resist writing his own eulogy and how his columns changed the course of world history. I guess nobody else wanted to do it, so he had to do it himself... He's the kind of guy who would literally die to be at his own funeral, just to appreciate how much people miss him ! Anyway, here he goes retiring two days after my contribution on NYTimes' forum ! Unbelievable ! I did it ! He read my rebuttal and jumped over the cliff ! I'm the most powerful man on earth ! I control the world's destiny ! I can say whatever I please ! Ooops... got carried away... conceit is contagious... better watch out... I'm feeling a rash of vanity seeping through my mind ... the good old vanity case !

jeu 27 jan 2005

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Laurent de Wilde

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