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Among the geniuses that make up the black American music, Thelonious Sphere Monk is certainly the strangest, the weirdest. It stands in the landscape of jazz as an enigmatic monolith. The man and the music here are closed on themselves. It is necessary to enter this world so special, have the sensitivity of the artist and the rigor of the analyst. This was successful Laurent de Wilde.

Only a musician could be doubled by a writer, as the most alive, we describe a world of psychopath protected equally as analyzing such theme as solo, as paradoxical conclusion. A connoisseur of the field, he shows us around the premises reveals secret passages and gives us the key, once it is entered. "

Folio No. 3009 (Sodis: A40314) - © 1997 Folio / Gallimard


Imagine a goat, we have the guts to ropes, skin for drums, bone rods are acceptable, and we eat the rest with the feeling of not having lost his day.

The orchestra on all fours! However, other instruments are a case of engineers. How many rooms in the mechanics of a piano? How many bends between the mouth and the bell of the trumpet? And the keys of the saxophone, how it works all the buffers? Hard to say! But a low or a battery, a three year old child understands how it works. You pinch, pull, slap, and roll youth! Pum pum! It's been lingering in their music, these two, it was so used to seeing them since time immemorial, it no longer pays attention to them, do you think, tripe and skin is the old pair, nothing to make a dish. With bebop, the are alone. Gone are the warm chords of the guitar that illuminate the bassist and drummer relief!

Therefore they agree, both big. If they are against each other, it does not work anymore. They must be the one inside the other so that the music works, and it does not necessarily all days. It must be awfully Zen. One is red, the other is yellow, and between them, this is a bright orange sacred property. Not entitled to the gradient. For halftones, the glowing trail, small spots

messy. A bright orange, smooth, well united. That's a good rhythm section. Do not skid. Time must elapse in a perfectly fluid, like a river which they control the flow per milliliter. One on each shore, the smugglers time. And then the piano. Freshly landed in music. A complex mechanism, a nightmare of Ecole Polytechnique. The orchestra under your fingers.

Percussive, melodic, harmonic, the king of beasts. A diabolical invention, which can happen to all the other instruments. Understand them, engulf them, explaining who does what, the intellectual of the family, give lessons. The furniture, too. Hammers, pedals, dampers, wood, cast iron, leather, steel, springs, felts, screws, ivory. Trunk. Only instrument that the user does not himself. The piano live movers, tuners and pianists. A family alone. A noble instrument, what: generous, complex, imposing.

© copyright Gallimard


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